Recent FAQs
What is Nishkul Technologies all about?

Nishkul Technologies proffers online as well as offline 24x7 technical supportsto cater technological requirement of customers across the world. In case, you are struggling with any tech issues associated with your Laptop, PC, Printer, Tablet, Antivirus application, etc. we will feel glad to serve you well with our instant and effective resolutions.

Why should I elect Nishkul Technologies?

We are considered as a market leader in the tech-support globe due to having long years of experience in providing technical support services. You can also resolve your technical issues accurately through our live chat medium at an instant response.

What kind of technical support services can I expect from Nishkul Technologies?

You can easily fix your technical concerns related to computers, laptops, Printers, Tablets and their peripherals under one roof of Nishkul Technologies in very cost-effective budget constraints. We also provide support for different emails and antivirus solutions.

Nishkul Technologies offers support for which computer brands?

Here you can avail our distinguished assistance for all Microsoft Windows platform based devices like HP, Compaq, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Dell and many more. We can also guide you technically for their associated applications and antivirus suites.

What are the basic procedures a Nishkul Technologies technician takes to resolve the error?

We at Nishkul Technologies deliver most defined description on your computer issues via chat support and call options. Firstly, our tech experts will diagnose your system carefully and if any technical error is identified, the diligent technician resolves the faults by using logical troubleshooting methodology.

Is remote computer support better than the traditional support options?

Definitely, yes! By remote computer support you can get prompt assistance for all your technical concerns without waiting your valuable time. On the other hand, traditional support options give you a burden to carry your devices or call a local technician for any assistance after waiting for hours.

Do you take guarantee of your working methodology?

We never compromise with the rate of client’s satisfaction. Customer contentment holds the primary meaning for us. Long range of policies and plans are carefully designed by keeping service excellence in mind. We ensure the large base of esteemed clientele with exceptional support services and international standards work portfolios.

Are you available 24x7?

Anytime, day or night, you can easily get our 24x7 flawless services in online as well as offline modes to solve your tech issues. We are available to fix your problem with accurate methodology at an utmost ease.

How can I subscribe to Nishkul Technologies?

You can simply subscribe to us from any corner of the globe through our company’s website i.e., Just go through the ‘Contact Us’ section, available on the website and fill up the required details to get instant solutions for your problems.

You offer support for which Norton products?

Here you can easily avail our support for all the Norton security suites such as Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton 2012, etc. in worthwhile way.

How can I receive HP driver updates?

Our tech experts can easily guide you to download latest HP driver updates from the internet.

How do I get HP manuals?

You can avail HP manuals on just making a call to us. we will provide you manuals for all HP devices at an utmost ease.

What kinds of patches are available for HP software?

Our esteemed customers can access HP Software patches after they enter a valid Service Agreement ID (SAID) into the Software Support Online (SSO) portal of our website. We allow you to download the appropriate access to the latest as well as previous patches.

What are the procedures to get HP Software license password?

Obtain license password related to products through following some simple steps. You can easily get your HP product license keys through our Web site portal or E-mail or phone request.

How can I receive newest status on a Change Request (CR) which I have submitted to HP?

The status for a Change Request (CR) is simply manageable through our Software Support Online web pages. You can easily search for CRs by HP Software product name and version, keyword or CR number and register to get positive e-mail notification of patches or specific CRs for your selected HP devices.

How the Change Request differs from an Enhancement Request for HP?

A change request (CR) reflects a hint of a known problem (defect) whereas enhancement request gives a sign of additional product functionality. CRs can be delivered by several groups to manage the development cycle of the software product assortment.

How can I receive information from your side regarding my submitted change request?

Through just registering on our website you will get proactive e-mail notification of change request for your selected HP products.

How can I download the License management guides for HP Software operations and transaction analyzer?

Easily download the License management guides for HP Software operations and transaction analyzer through the mere support of our customer support experts. We will provide you a suitable link to download this license management guides.

How can I get information about access levels for HP Software Support Online?

Registering for an HP Passport ID, Access Software support online and HP Passport related terminologies are basically the three access levels for HP software support. You can easily get your required requirement from our dedicated support team members.

What kind of support you provide me for my Dell devices?

We proffer all kinds of support for your valuable Dell devices.

What is the “Getting Started" Assistance support?

It is basically an introduction about your Dell devices.

How does your Dell Support Service help me to resolve my issues?

Our Dell Support service can effectively fix your technical issues on just a call or via chat live options.

How can I contact you for availing Technical Support?

In case of need, you can easily contact us on just making a call at 1-877-225-6820. However you can also avail the medium of chat live feature to get connected with us.

How your Technical Support Works?

Our Technical support team is totally dedicated to serve you well in a cost-effective way. We never compromise with client’s satisfaction and offer best resolutions for your technical faults.

What is your working methodology after I contact your experts regarding Dell devices?

Our proactive and diligent teams of technicians are always ready to serve you in case of any assistance.

What do I need to communicate with your Technicians to solve my Dell laptop issues?

Simply you have to make a call or get connected with chat live feature to communicate with our experienced technocrats.

How can I know about the warranty period of my Dell devices?

Just subscribe to our support center and we will instantly assist you for your Dell device’s warranty period concerns.

Where can I find details of Apple Warranty and support services?

On just making a call at our customer support center you can get the details about your apple warranty period and offering support facilities.

What is encompassed in the complimentary coverage of your Apple Support services?

A complimentary telephone technical support and online assistance are provided 24x7 for your valuable Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple display or Apple TV devices.

How can I know about the details of Apple Care Protection Plan?

We will offer you required details for The Apple Care Protection Plan. It is basically an integrated service and support plan which is truly backed by Apple and outspreads the complimentary coverage on your Apple devices.

Can I get 24 x 7 support for the Apple Care Protection Plan?

Definitely, yes! You can get proper support for the Apple Care Protection Plan anytime.

What kinds of Apple products are truly eligible for the Care Protection Plan?

Products like Apple displays, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, and Mac computers (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are truly eligible to avail the benefit of the care protection plan.

How can I purchase the Apple Care Protection Plan for my Apple laptop?

It is easily available at various Apple online stores, Apple retail stores and many Apple authorized resellers including many wireless service providers. We recommends you to purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan in your own country, because the AppleCare Protection Plan has some terms and conditions particular to client’s country in which the plan is offered.

What service facilities you provide for my Apple devices?

We provide relevant services in the terms of carry-in service, customer drop-off, direct mail-in service, onsite service as well as offline support.

How does your remote assistance feature work for getting Apple tech support?

In case of remote assistance option we take the client’s end under our control and access their systems remotely to understand accurate problems through which our clients are struggling.

Do I need to subscribe your support center for availing the benefit of AppleCare Protection Plan?

Surely, yes! You need to subscribe with us to avail the benefit of Apple care protection Plan.

How do I register my AppleCare Protection Plan through your support?

You can simply register your AppleCare Protection Plan on just making a telephonic call to our support team members.

What are included in Digital Support Services?

Assistance support for HP devices, Dell devices, Printers, Norton antivirus suite, AOL mail service provider, etc. are included under the portfolios of our Digital Support Services.

Is Digital support service available internationally?

Yes, it is available online 24x7 globally.

Your Digital Support technicians are certified with Microsoft or not?

Yes, they are truly certified with Microsoft and having long years of experience in their own roles and responsibilities.

Is antivirus solution come under digital support services?

Yes, it comes under the set of digital support assistance.

Can I avail your digital support services online?

Surely, you can avail the advantage of our Digital support services 24x7 online.

Do you proffer your tech services 24x7?

Yes, our extensive ranges of technical support services are easily available anytime.

Are your technocrats capable enough to fix my PC errors instantly?

Definitely, they hold expertise in fixing all kinds of PC faults in an effective way.

Can I get your digital services online in a cost-effective way?

Yes, you can avail our digital services online in very reasonable budget constraints.

Do you retrieve the forgotten password of my email account?

Here, we can easily retrieve the forgotten password of your email account instantly.

How do I change my AOL email password?

Through simply getting our assistance you can easily change your AOL password.

How do I set up proper configuration on MSN mail?

With the effective guidance of our tech experts you can configure your MSN mail at an utmost ease.

How do I configure Windows Mail?

Configuring your mail on your desktop is as easy as getting our support.

How can I add extra security to my 3rd party email client?

Follow some extra security tips offered by Nishkul Technologies and give protection to 3rd party email client.